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harry salmon

how do you know he's a marxist? i'd say he's an aesthete, however dubious, with a taste for voyeurism of grand scale vandalism.

if i had the chance, i'd probably vote for him to--just for the drama. im tired of the politics of purity. on and on with morals and ethics.

potvin on a parliamentary platform--too good to be true.

it would only be a matter of time till he purchased his first $500 suit, which would immediately lead to some very lucrative ideological revisionism.

but i think im putting the bomb before the igniter here.

i can't help it.

think of the political aethetics of this guy reading a column like that into the hansard.

the conservatives would have to challenge him to a fight on the floor just to keep up their self-respect and the speaker would have to give actual thought to swinging the Mase.

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