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aija the faye

well, i dispute that watching lizards eat bugs is AT ALL reminiscent of the 'clash of civilizations'...since hey,
a) they need it for nutritional value, whereas humans cannabolize each other for ritual or intimidational purposes. I just think the artist is shortsighted.
Pomo art is about the message, right? Well, as someone who's spent A LOT of time with the latin classification system, I know that
b) insects, spiders, and lizards come from different PHYLA...those are big evolutionary differences. We'd have to be beating up on, like, squid and sea anemones for the metaphor this dude is going for to work. Is he trying to make a statement about the relative 'evolution' of the cultures at odds in today's world?
c) Animals experience stress too. Just because they have ganglia and not big fat frontal lobes doesn't mean they can't experience some degree of horror at their situation. The least the artist could do is put them in an environment that is shut off from loud noise, is climate controlled, and provides them with cover for when they (inevitably) feel threatened.
Those are my thoughts on it.
Thought-provoking art is great, but I'd like to see more thought spent on the conceptual end in cases like this.


I thought Focault was a structuralist?

Toronto calls itself the greatest city in the world because its the truth! ;)

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