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Its a double-edged sword I cannot say who might win from.

At best for the Liberals, it works well as CG put it, to do another fear-mongering 'OMG, STOP HARPER!!!11!' campaign. And says, why bother voting Green, since the Liberals are just as enviromental and win seats?

On the other hand for the Greens it says they are a big player now that can strike deals with the Liberals. And hey lets face it, Liberal/NDP coalitions on issues have been some of the most successful moments ever for the NDP. Could be a first sign that the Greens are getting places.

I guess we'll just have to wait to see if she wins the seat! The suspense is already killing me!


overall i think i'm less angry about Potvin, the man himself, than what this incident shows about Elizabeth May's partisanship. while we still need to kick out Rob Anders (yes we do) we've doled out some disciplinary action where necessary, like Derek Zeisman in January 2006. back in the Alliance days, we've also rejected the nomination of John Nunziata (of budget revolt fame, but kind of a half-baked fame at that) on the grounds of suspected collaboration with the KKK. and y'know, thinking back... it just feels unfair what May might be able to get away with.

that said, the Dion-May act is strategically sound, in a word. anything bad to say about it would be on the optics. but optics is a tricky thing, and i'm not sure there's a convincing argument to be made about this move having more negative optics than positive ones.


lol, i wrote west nova. and i really mean central nova.


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