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I think it's important not to concede words or let them be defined by your opponents. I think the gay community has been very successful with this. So much so that the National Post had a cover story last week about how the word 'community' was being used too widely, a comment I first remember hearing many years ago from right-wingers trying to prevent the gay community from using the word 'community' because they believed (rightly) that the term gave them legitimacy.

Consider all the female-specific descriptors in use for a long time, 'Queen', 'Princess', 'Lady', 'Bitch' and their male equivalents. Would a man rather be considered a Prince or a woman a Princess? A Lord or a Lady? Rather rule the roost or be a mother hen? Cocky or hen-pecked? Words are important.

Check out this page

Synonyms for 'lady' apparently include 'babe', 'bitch', 'queen bee' and 'weaker sex*'

* listed as slang.

Compare with lord.

Meanwhile 'princess' is linked to 'darling' which in turn is synonymous with 'baby', 'lamb', 'pet', 'spoiled child', and 'sweetie-pie'

One Last link

Companies like Monsanto spent millions (successfully for the most part) to try and eradicate the term 'frankenfoods' from the discourse, and the copyright industry has similarly been successful with a multi-million dollar campaign to make people think that downloading music off the internet is 'theft'.


i prefer being called a flaneur myself.


flaneurs have come up way too many times this week. its like dandy is dead.


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