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apparently friedrich also has the uncanny ability to put a condom up his nose and pull it out his mouth.


is that true, or is that just shit he told the election erection?


Mike Thicke

"can the knoll please get off their fucking high horse and concede that student council mafia types love being in the young liberals? their thirst for power cannot be satiated without participating in the machinations of natural governing party."

Well you deserve who you vote for I guess! Are you implying that should Joel get elected he will suddenly become a "Young Liberal"? Are you implying that Ian is currently? I assure you Ian is not.

If you just shrug your shoulders and assume nothing will ever change and everyone running is a self-serving jerk, then there isn't really much to look forward to is there?


bowel movement fo LYFE.


funny, my enthusiastic support of friedrich and peets has done little for my well-being or outlook for humanity.

the only reason im posting about the ams is because stephen harper and stephane dion are boring as fuck.

im going to boston on feb 17th, and i look forward to that.


wouldn't you love to be involved in SFU student politics instead?

where executives are impeached! candidates are not vote for because they are 'hunsdale-esque'!

where polarization between impeachers and impeached supporters shall remain bitter for years until every last student graduates!

good times!


ps, the old blog died. i'll start a new one. i think i killed my html or something.


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