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Michael Fitzpatrick

I like your goals. A healthy number to achieve. Good luck with them all. You should see Courtney Love's resolution list. 70 goals for 2007. 70!


I fyou learn how to drive a car it will be easier to get out of the city. Good thinking.


Good goals. If you are up for meeting at Koerner's sometime leave me an email/facebook msg...hope Cuba was fun


Hmm, now I'm wondering if this post was just all lies. Always good to start the year with one of the classic logical conundrums (this post is a lie - is it?).

Also, I was thinking that maybe this post is a riddle whose true message is that you are taking up golf:

- More exercise outdoors.
- Involves drinking frequently
- Golf often gets you out of the city
- update the blog, with lies, as in 'I had a bad lie in the rough, but managed to get back onto the fairway using my 3-wood.'
- organize a ridiculously large party -> like a fivesome.
- playing golf well involves learning to drive, and, of course, golf as a medium involving a bunker is pretty much a given.

Or maybe you just meant what you wrote. That would be OK too, I guess.


BWAAAAH! I can help you with resolutions # 4 and 6. Let's go to portland after the LSAT (feb 10, for anyone who cares) and lemme know what your class sched is like and I'll come drink at koerner's..I gotta practice for law school, right?
and german is awesome...
Was is das Wetter heute? (nouns are capitalized! how cool is that!).


bitch are you taking german?! i am so jealous.


declan, that was clever! golf is an apt solution to this set... but i cant do anything that involves a dress code. i just simply cant.

J. Mark English

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declan knows nothing.

Because if you just built more koerners you could forget about golf because developers always lie.

Especially about bunkers below their towers.

Just go ask Al P. the PropTrust guy, he'll tell you the score.



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