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I'm for abolishing duel citizenship across the board. It will promote a unified Canadian identity and be better for Canada. Fewer people will leave the country to find employment after they complete a government subsidized university degree and fewer will be able to use their other citizenship as a means of paying their income tax in a foreign country rather than where they should be paid - in Canada. This will allow Canada to preserve its social safety net.


i think you would have to study how many people with dual citizenship do undermine the canadian system and how many people just keep it for identity purposes.

I would but there are some telling facts that point towards the argument I'm making. 250,000 Canadians living in Hong Kong, with access to our social safety net. 1 million Canadians living in the United States with access to our social safety net. Over half of the Lebanese-Canadians rescued have already gone back to Lebanon, yet it cost us millions to fly them to Canada. I feel change is not only needed, but inevitable.


no phil! i heart my italian citizenship! i'll have to brush up on the words to "fratelli d'italia" cos if i'm forced to choose its gonna be by-by canadian passport.


Clearly the frame game is working on this bit of lame whirlitzing.


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