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I love the idea, way to go Stevie! Lets hope now we can put this debate behind us and enjoy the Nation we both share and love. Vive la Quebec! Vive la Canada!
Hey now I won't have to continue with my letter campaign and sending money favors to Washington Congressmen and Senators for our swap of the province of Quebec for the State of Minnesota. We still want Minnesota minus Tim Pawlenty. We could trade Hans Island? You guys in Washington like Danishes right? I'll start a new campaign.
P.S. George, Go ahead and deposit that last money order I sent (spend Wisely).


but i like hans island!

Defend Canada

No offense, but I think you should really spend some time at my blog educating yourself on this issue.


no thanks, i read the byline of your blog. if you want more readers, cut the tinfoil hat bullshit out.


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