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Ainge, you keep for getting the people making the declarations that he's hot are making the statement in isolation...they are saying them after looking at bureaucrats and diplomats all days for 20 years.

Also I think the other factor is some people place lesser importance on beady eyes and greater importance on say….abs and some semblance of hair.

Anyhow…I think it’s easier to cry about someone being unattractive from the 20 something vantage point in life. I mean yea, I can say what I want about Belinda, Ruby, Helena, Rona…etc. But really that’s cause I’m comparing them to waitresses who are my age.

Yaaaay! Waitresses!


ruby dhalla is actually hot.

there are more attractive men in parliament than inbred-looking mackay.

Anon. Int. Tough Guy

"ruby dhalla is actually hot."

Yeah, that's what I thought too, until I saw a wide angle lens shot of her exceedingly wide onion. If she weren't the biggest assclown in parliament I'd feel bad about calling her big boned. Bien de loin mais loin d'etre bien!

"there are more attractive men in parliament than inbred-looking mackay."

Like David Sweet? He has the "Full Picard" hairdo, runs triathlons, etc. Or were you thinking more along the lines of a "bo"- "hunk" such as Bill Blaikie? Pat Martin? Chuck "Chuck" Strahl? Lawrence Cannon? Luc Malo?

And what do you make of the scuttlebutt that Tie Domi and Belinda are a *confirmed* item?


damn, i thought tie domi could do better.

in regards to dhalla, some people claim their anaconda dont want none unless shes got buns, hon.

lol @ full picard. youre clearly ignorant of my preferences. i hate the skeezy fratboy inbred wasp look of mackay and i hate the mountain man burly bearded dude look even more. please come up with a list of the kind of dude who looks like an effete urban intellectual except fit. gay or straight - couldnt care less.

Anon. Int. Tough Guy

Pierre Poilievre! Or is he too Aryan/heterosexual for your racist ass, bitch?


who are you and why do you know i only date nice jewish boys?

Anon. Int. Tough Guy

"who are you "

I don't know you and don't want to know you. I'm an occasional reader of your occasional blog. If I had known this would devolve in an anti-WASP screed I wouldn't have commented here. Nevertheless, I am delighted to discover an opportunity to correct your unconcealed hatred for WASPs.

It was WASPS who a) built Canada and passed 'progressive' legislation allowing you to wear footwear, oustide of the kitchen even; and b) hunted and kiled German and, um, ITALIAN fascists, thereby further granting you freedom to be a racist.

"i only date nice jewish boys?"

Jewish boys wouldn't exist without WASPs like my grandfather who invaded Germany (and, um, ITALY). The entire Jewish race would have been extinguished long ago without the heroic WASPs.

(Parenthetically, to my knowledge I've only nailed one Jewish broad and she was the deadest lay ever, in case you are considering a kosher sushi box lunch.)

All I'm saying is that I was genuinely shocked to see such outright hostility expressed toward WASPs and that you might want to consider toning the anti-WASP rhetoric down a wee bit.


youre being a dick, ok. not for your beliefs, but the fact you just went on this huge rant about how i feel about wasp guys because i think peter mackay is ugly and i cited his waspiness.

now whats a bit of playful mockery between whitefolk now and again?

also, the nice jewish boys comment was crafted purely for the amusement of my friends, who happen to know me and the guy im dating and how is jewish.

i dont give a flying fuck who you have "nailed" - take that shit elsewhere. im sure its an apt metaphor since most nails are like max 5" long and less than a cm in diametre - even port moodys golden spike wouldnt cut it. also, youre probably lying about ever having had sex, because these are the intarnets.

youve obviously browsed this site enough to find out im italian, interwebs weirdo. and your drunk dad rant about how your people built canada and saved the jews... i am not blind to the things wasps have achieved, but im not one for planting ones arse on the laurels for all eternity. also, i think taking a critical perspective is better than getting drunk on national mythology. identifying where we went wrong (and we did) is much more important in terms of progress and also being satisfied with what we have built.

and its certainly not going to make me want to date either mackay.


Yes he is plain ugly ... never understood how he got that "reputation" being the HOT MP.
There is only one who more distressing and plain ugly on his PHOTO OP's is Harper "the boss" with his constantly played out sign : his Thumbs Up....
cant help but thinking about his fingers are on Viagra...
how primitive is that for a Leader of an / unfortunate/ Country.!!!

They are torturing me….


Bitter much? Seriously, what do you do with all this hate when you're not on the internet?


Racism. Thats not cool.


OMG YOURE RIGHT! since when did bloggers think that ranting was an appropriate activity for the intarwebs?

ps, youre a real hero, defending white people like that from relentless persecution at the hands of other white people. youre really doing a lot to help white people integrate into mainstream society by exposing the trials and tribulations they face as a people, such as being trolled on ainge.typepad.com

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