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I would humbly suggest it has more to do with putting the base in a headlock than making nice.

Although, now that I think of it 78.6% of said base might see the two as equivalent.


Actually, your assertion that the majority support Gay marriage is wrong. The last vote was not a free vote in the house and many Liberals whose constituents opposed gay marriage(there were more than a few) were forced to vote against their constituents wishes or stay home. At this point, the GLBT lobby goes with the argument" this is too important too allow democracy to determine the answer". I feel the same way about child care, foreign policy, and taxation.


actually, youre wrong. an environics poll after the election had "desire to open up the same-sex marriage debate" as the motivation for 2% of conservative voters. yeah. thats not a typo. i did mean 2%.


when i say "the majority" i mean public opinion. i am not too concerned with the assertions of a few blue liberal mp's who probably lost their seats.


ainge, the vote will be about "should it be revisited" not "let's change it" and I'm guessing Harper is hoping the motion is defeated and dead once & for all.

With the opposition being so kind as to pass the budget by mistake, the 5 priorities are pretty much done, so ... Harper ran out of excuses and wants to get this over & done with.

You might personally think the issue over the word "marriage" is petty, but I would argue that so is "equal but different, which is what 'civil union' would be" is equally petty. Being straight, I don't really give a damn what it's called, but my PREFERENCE would be civil union. Would I like to see a referendum or major vote on this issue? Nah.

So ask "should we revisit" and give a "free vote" (which will likely only be free to the CPC) and that will be that.

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