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Ooooo, fun!

*Note: this is the first time ever bza has not trolled the green party in ainge's blog.


duly noted: bza just lost all credibility.


mogwai. us. front. and. center. truffles of lyfe.


elizabeth may is a truly strong candidate to lead the party. Unfortunately, it will only lead to four more years of stephen harper -- hey, as a fellow BCer you do know what happens when the extreme right win a majority, right? I invite you to bring your ideas and energy to a local liberal meeting. we can try to save the planet together.


is this a joke? who are you? antonio? dad? sasha?

i dont consider campbell to be the extreme right. he is the neoliberal right, which appears both in the liberal and conservative parties.

in case youre not aware, i attended liberal meetings for years and years, beginning when i was in diapers and ending during the martin tenure.

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