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Maybe it's just because it's really late because of the debate on Afghanist and I'm really loopy waiting to finish up...but Régine (yup that one Ainge) had a good hearty laugh. TY.


i hope youre not hating, because prince george is serious business.


I know I heard...don't crosses burn there?



Prince George... I like the drier cold of Ellsmere Island better.

Didn't impress me at all, but I have no friends there. The right friends can make some places seem better than they are.

Along the Skeena ?? [I'll check a map later], from Pg to PRupert, I liked the little general store in New Hazelton where I bought a sporterised refurbished 303 with crisp sharp rifeling.

I watched several moose and deer walk by while I held that deadly accurate rifle, but as there is no shortage of meat in the supermarket, I'm proud to say I never shot anything.

Further along towards P.Rupert, I liked the looks of the town with the nice open valley and the white mountain peaks..
Withered Smith or something.. [I'll check a map].

Kitimat was interesting. When are those science freaks at UBC going to do something useful and devise a way to make aluminium without using
enough mega-watts to brown out North America?

Onward down the highway to PR stopping to spin a spoon in a slough cum pond and pulling out a 40 pound pink by the gills so as not to break the line. Huge fish, but back in the drink he goes to squirm around in the pebbles and die laughing.

Short snoop around in quiet Port Edwards Native fishing zone and then into Prince Rupert.

Sunny days in Prince Rupert are most beautiful. Took pictures of the big white and green Catholic Church.

Never go in, but they make excellent pictures.

PR sunny is fantasic, because we know most days are armpit rainy, so there seems to be something unreal about bright days in Prince Rupert.

I had King Crab several times at the warfside reasaurant. Food from heaven. Prince Rupert is easy to like, even with all the dull and wet. Never as cold as PG.

Withers Smithers is very likeable too. Not able to warm up to BC*s central city... Prince George for some reason. TG

frank howitz

You gotta check out this new Blog - It seams Sean Holman is a guest writer!
And, Carol James and Harry Lali are doing the Titanic!


PG is neither a city nor a neighborhood. PG is a deep-freeze shithole disguised as a place to live.


PG, you are so blunt!

You know you are offending some people who are aware of the good things about PG.

Not that I'm aware of any, but someone in the know will educate us hopefully.

Speaking of Hope. Now there's a town with the Kettle Valley rail bed and the most beautiful rushing water canyon gorge just a few minutes behind the townsite. A movie set to be sure and so little known to Vancouverites.

Got a little time to waste? Design a new Canada flag. How hard can that be eh?

A liberal red maple leaf has the value of simplicity for sure, but a new flag with some conservative blue and maybe a fleur de lis to include our smallest province Quebec...or just a gold maple leaf?

PS Any design ideas? Looking forward to seeing more designs. You can get ideas from ..



Did you say MEME?... Oh, you meant to say MooMoo.
OK, then. TG


dude im so making myself a red ensign mumu. except the fact im republican would mean that id probably end up deliberately shitting on the union jack, which will lead to my friends ditching me in light of the defecation.


Well there's lotsa Republican blue conservative in the new one and you wouldn*t be ashamed to wear it as a moomoo at all.

As a matter of fact have a look at it [TonyGuitar] or [bendgovernment]. Fly that and it could catch on.

It*s got Pet Trudeau*s red mao ensign beat all to hell. TG

Agitating for a REAL Canadian flag:

Alexandra Stanton

basiliscus recollectedness trapshoot rubstone discontiguity tariffite repersonalization microseism
Manitoba Chicken Producers Board

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