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What is the big deal about this guy, anyway? Is he running for the Second Coming or something? wtf?

Good call, though. This 'we are purer than you' when it comes to racism & other biases is tiresome. Lest we forget, Jack was okay with a corrupt Liberal gov't if he could get some numbers tacked onto a budget, and was only 'not okay' when Martin said no. That's not 'making Parliament work' that's hypocrisy IMHO.


Ahh, can't resist the NDP cheapshots still, eh? lol.

Sure, what this guy said was stupidily phrased, perhaps he could have posed his queries as to Ben Chin's ethnicitiy in a more racially sensitive light.

I think its important to note several things though:

1) This wasn't an NDP candidate or a staff member but rather some random person from the internets. If it was a significant person you'd see dippers actually denounce en masse ala Bev D. There are stupid people in every party, thats a given. Even the dips...

2) Peter Tabuns did denounce what randomdude said and had nothing to do with this.

3) The debate on Ben Chin's past was much more interesting, lets focus on that.

4) How does the NDP have anti-democratic roots? The old party was the Canadian Co-operative Federation, the philosophy is in the title you Green party hack. :p


i dont actually give a crap about the danforth by-election. im more into exposing garden variety racism. it just tied into a lot of my frustration with ndp rhetoric on the whole.

i didnt accuse peter tabuns of anything.

all social democratic parties have non-democratic roots, man. and non-democratic isnt the dirtiest word in the world...


so when are you going to redo this post to change the main statement from "this is racism" to "i find the hypothesis that this is racism plausible?" i recall someone saying she'll do something of this sort last night...


you know that episode of seinfeld where georges cleaning lady doesnt get a raise because of when she asked?



do you remember how it works out for george in that episode?




nah, the CCF had democratic socialist prinicples. it wasn't liberal democratic principles to be sure, but it had a fundamental commitment to democracy.

lenin kind of was the one to change the concept to one of a vanguard intellectual elite who know better than those honourable but simplistic workers as he saw them no doubt.

and no bones about it. not every member of the NDP is a perfect and just superstar. there are a fair number of racist homophobes.


You fail to mention that jeff house apologised and, if I'm not mistaken, acknowledged that what he said was racist.


The dippers are desperate to hang onto this seat for fear of losing party status. To be fair, Peter Tabuns has distanced himself from the comments on rabble. Unlike Marilyn Churley, who never apologized after she herself accused (very falsely) Liberal candidate Bob Hunter of being a pedophile during the Beaches-East York byelection of 2001. Despite being an amazingly devout environmentalist with great street cred, Bob Hunter couldn't erase the damage done even after the facts were set straight. The whole Ben Chin thing reminds me of this past debacle. Yes, Ben's from a diplomat family. But his story is actually quite legitimate. Unfortunately, I think the damage has been done. The whole discussion takes politics to a new low.

Citing someone's dubious personal claims is now being labelled as racist? Why does Ben not simply come out in a brief statement and rectify the controversy he initiated with conflicting personal accounts of his history. This should not be construed as racist, people didn't go after a South Korean Canadian but a person who's seeking elected office and who's integrity for the truth is now in question. http://www.asianwildrose.ca/?p=89


i heard somewhere he did apologize and im sorry if some people consider this post to be slandering jeff house, but i think that certain people who posted RACIST STUFF ON RABBLE OMG without saying why they found it racist were being unfair to jeff... at least put the words and the reasons up and let people decide for themselves.

no-namer... i dont accept your insistence that it isnt racism when the person is running for office. this is ridiculous. of course you can be racist towards elected officials and candidates!


I did not say you can not be racist in the scrutiny of public persons. What I did assert and maintain is that Ben's inconsistent and convoluted personal history is the issue which is being pored over - unduly so I agree. It is racist to do so and he didn't apologize it was Peter Tabuns who apologized.


no-namer... i dont accept your insistence that it isnt racism when the person is running for office. this is ridiculous. of course you can be racist towards elected officials and candidates!

That's not what s/he said. Just criticizing someone's inconsistent story is not racist in itself, which some have tried to insinuate (not you).

James Halifax

White voting blocs are not an issue for a very simple reason. White citizens tend to vote for people who they agree with....not simply someone they resemble.
If you vote for a brown person because you yourself are a brown person, then you have no one to blame if you elect someone who you vehmently disagree with, but who looks like your uncle.


so i guess all the ukrainians rallying behind borys wrzesnewskyj are brown, too. i like ukrainians, though. its the wasps that need to be whipped into shape.

i know youre old and i should respect you on that basis alone, but this is the godless internet, so im going to throw etiquette to the wind.

i know a lot of white citizens. i am one. white citizens can be pretty damn racist. where do i even start trying to show you examples of whites favouring whites in the electoral system?

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