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You are not a weirdo, you are someone trying to diffuse an iffy situation. Drawing the line is not a bad thing IMHO, for what it's worth.

I'll hand over my cell for a quick call, or an emergency (like when a daycare f*cked up royally and a kid was missing for 2 hours), but this guy was obviously abusing your generosity.


Possibly the smartest thing. Your number one objective in a bad situation is to come out in one piece. What ever action achieves this is the one you take.

That said, "this guy was obviously abusing your generosity" is right. Had you been, say, a hefty guy, with your buds, you could tell the prick to feck off.


ohhhh so thats what the madman theory was: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madman_theory.

I guess it worked, sorta. Regardless, it made for great story telling. Oh, Vancouver public transit, you are full of unexpected adventure with each weekend ride.


ha, i had three men with me. one of them was hefty. the whole "men are here, everythings going to be ok" thing has never really registered.

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