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What's even funnier/sadder is the number of bloggers (who happily participate in flame wars) that will decry the incivility (sp?) of Question Period in the House. Hey, they're just behaving like normal kids: acting out what they learned at home - whatever works.


~sniff~ I haven't got one peice of realy hate yet I feel so reject?

Can someone send me a sympathy hatemail?

Heck, you figure with my blog I would have gotten at least one by now. I feel like Ralph Wiggims on Valentines day on the Simpsons



that reminds me, i didn't put up my email at my blog. but it's not like there are regular comments on my blog either. plus i don't check my email that often.

oh and one other thing. hey Angela i hate you for no reason whatsoever. so i'm gonna invent a nickname even cutesier than "A*gie c*tesy". fuck yeah omg lololol. =D


dude youre dead times a billion


you've been getting lots of hate mail of late Ainge?! No fair you didn't forward to me!!!



aww, steve. there are two steves commenting here now. it gets confusing man! you need some kind of nickname. all i could come up with is "london steve" ...


given his devotion to JACK! I think you should call him jack steve.

Separatists send me death threats every now and then.

I keep them for the scrapbook

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