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Any time anyone goes with the tinfoil hat retort it usually means they got no cogent argument. It's lame when republicans do it and it's lame when greenies do it.

Call me a conspiracist because I banned 12 IPs from unknown, never before seen never will be seen again trolls in one day when I did my Emerson piece, at least 1 from UBC, by the way. I don't have time to destroy every shitty argument that lands on my blog so I just delete the really disingenuous ones lest I let these assholes use me and my blog to spin their SUPERFICIAL tardspeak.

I have no problem stating that there are many statist (and separatist) trolls out there pretending to be disaffected Tories. In fact, it's pretty obvious. Here is the thing: nobody reads statist blogs anymore (can you name 5 good ones? ) because they are shit. So the statists spread their nonsense on more popular conservative blogs. Some of us Tories are smart enough to not let the dirty, dirty statist use our property to spread their disingenuous nonsense and delete comments made by obvious sockpuppets. Most Tories, however, aren't that swift, which is why they are getting run over in the blogsphere. They're getting used, played like tourists, chumps. I've tried explaining this to some Tories Who Blog but they are unwilling or unable to get this.

Anyway, who cares? The Canadian blogsphere doesn't have the critical mass yet to fundamentally matter. Harper isn't going anywhere anytime soon and when he's done prosecuting statist mooches don't be surprised if the Liberal Party is de-registered by the time the next election rolls around. Life is good, God Bless Canada.

one-dimensional man

"Harper isn't going anywhere anytime soon and when he's done prosecuting statist mooches don't be surprised if the Liberal Party is de-registered by the time the next election rolls around."

This is about one of the most rediculous things I've heard all week. I hope you cons wake up from dreamy-dream fantasy land pretty quick because the 'death of the great liberal monster,' while likely an entertaining event, is not going to happen any time in the near future, you can be certain of that. The Great Leap Rightward just isnt going to happen - Canadians have, and will continute to, vote 2-1 for left leaning candidates/ parties. We're just that kind of country.

PS - I'd be less worried about disgruntled conservatives (real or fictional) than about disgruntled constituents. I'm one of those pissed off vancouver-kingswayites. And we're not sitting around here letting our 'superficial criticisms' blow over. Emerson is in for a rough ride, as long as he claims to 'represent' us.


"The Great Leap Rightward just isnt going to happen"

It already has. We have The Power. Besides, BCers hate socialism, that's why the NDP got slaughtered there and why there is a good conservative provincial government in BC. The NDP ruined BC.

Does it make you sad? Sad that the left is divided in Canada and cannot win? Sucky baby want a bottle?

one-dimensional man

Way to count your chickens before they hatch there, anonalogue.

"We Have The Power" - well, by the power of greyscull! are you sure? Seems to me that you have a weak minority government, in which (*ahem*) the NDP holds the balance of power. Left leaning parties control a majority fo seats in the house. A variety of polls from different sources have confirmed that canadians voted for 'change for change's sake' as opposed to voting for 'right leaning ideas.' The conservatives actually lost seats in BC this election.

Great leap Rightward indeed! Keep in mind, my great partisan cheerleading friend, that the Cons have been in power for one week. one week. and already they're facing massive backlash because of some dicey steps. Harper has trashed his credibility on accountability and ethics (hard won credibility that came from campaigning for two months on those very ideas). We haven't even seen parliament sit yet.

Am I sad? Not at all - I can't wait to see what kind of deals the NDP force on the Cons for approval of their budget (a national citizens assembly on electoral reform? one can dream!). The only thing I'm sad about right now is the fact that the only planks of the conservative platform I approved of (leftovers from the reform era - essentially, a deep resepect for direct democracy and government accountability) seem to have been the first boards jettisonned from a soon to be sinking ship!


Shrieeeeeeek!!! Shrieeeeek!! Justice, indeed!!! Human rights, indeed! Shrieeeeek!!

(this is my subtle way of saying you're a shrill, hysterical retard. All fluff, nothing of substance, superficial. I'm sorry, but you sound effeminate - it's true, you do - and like a small child. Sorry.)

one-dimensional man

my post points out a variety of facts and examples (eg, poll results, references to Harper campaign promises, ect). Your posts contain name calling and and silly glib comments ('sucky baby want bottle', ect).

You tell me who's sounds shrill and childish?


fuck this "greenie" shit! ive been punching people for daring to call me "angie" my entire life, you think im going to accept another cutesy nickname?

"Some of us Tories are smart enough to not let the dirty, dirty statist use our property to spread their disingenuous nonsense and delete comments made by obvious sockpuppets."

hey, i let all kinds of tards share my real estate. it's more fun that way.


so how 'bout "Angie cutesy" for a nickname change? =D


I guess pointing out that there are "no good leftist blogs" on... a leftist blog, was rather rude, no?

Does commenting here automatically make me a 'tard or do I have to earn it?


You guys have missed the point of this whole David Emerson thing. Peter MacKay just wanted a new girlfriend. For Emo it was either stay in Cabinet or come out of the closet.


My dear Candace: You're being disingeuous and have an axe to grind. You're probably too old to understand this, but our generation has a very different definition of what is and isn't rude. Ainge and I insult each other by email and on each others' blogs on an irregular basis.

Ainge herself has described...herself as "uncouth" right here on her own blog and, like me, enjoys a good vagina cartoon. I suppose you find South Park rude too.

Anyhoo, in this context, your axe-grinding looks ridiculous. I've asked you repeatedly to kindly fuck off and leave me alone because I find you to be dense, shrill, invidious, obsessive, and deceitful. Unless you are a masochist and enjoy being ridiculed you're welcome to revert to non-stalking status, because I find it quite easy to ignore your inane babblings when you're not annoying me with stupid questions, mmm-kay? Thanks hun ;-)

(ainge - if it's not super-obvious to you, this attention seeking wench has a history obsessing over me and causing trouble at every blog at which I comment; she's just doing the ol' divide n' conquer. She's also a huge Bush supporter and as rabid a separatist as you'll find. Google "Candace" and "Anonalogue" and I'm confident you'll see.)


I'm TOO OLD???? Anonalogue, you have pissed me off many times, but you have truly gone too far this time.


everyone behave. i think its time i opened another bottle, here. steve, im going to punch you if you ever suggest anything as vomit-inducing again. not even my sexy russian boyfriend calls me anyhthing that lame.


omg did i say russian, i meant moldovan. p.s., moldova is a fake county.

Dr. Doom

Moldovia is _not_ a fake country.


For context, Candace has previously stated that I remind her of the father of her child - verrrry creepy - and currently has an article posted about me at her site complaining that I am being "ageist".

This is about the tenth article she's written about me. Here in the reality based community, we call that "obsessed".

I've asked here repeatedly to not bug me but she absolutely cannot stop. I think she's just looking for attention. Is this enough attention for now, Candace? Will you kindly fuck off and leave me alone, you stalky wingnut bitch?

Moldovian chicks are hot (notice sexism), they don't eat doritos and have nice bodies.


Hey, ainge, I guess I can't read your blog anymore because someone else does and I'm tired of being accused of being a stalker..


dr doom, theres no such thing as moldovia. its either moldavia or moldova. you can spell it in cyrillic, but i think the freestyle transliteration action is lamez.


candace, what can i say ... some men just dont play nice with other humans. this blog takes place in vancouver and so if unexpected shit or aggression come this way, the general attitude is whatever. quality control is just not a big issue here. i kind of run this place like my house parties... the host cannot be held liable for the douchery of the guests. im sure the law says something completely opposite, but id like to remain idealistic and believe that johnny law doesnt need to be dragged into all areas of interpersonal contact.


"Moldovian chicks are hot (notice sexism), they don't eat doritos and have nice bodies."

um, ive seen some asses on some eastern european girls that were kind of shaped like the country of moldova. its not so much the sexism as the north american cliche view of europe that has me all wtfing.

and wtf is with the internets drama... chill. actually, dont chill. start some drama irl as a distraction.


Moldova might not be a county, but it's a countRy. not that i'm sure if leaving out an "R" was an unintentional spelling mistake or some kind of joke. so Moldova is a fake "county", what's the joke in that? actually, more to the point, what's the joke beind Maldova being a fake countRy, for that matter?

but anyway: Angela if quality control isn't your thing why are you threatening to punch me? i feel very sad. :(


Isn't Muldovia the fake country from the Princess Diaries? Ainge, re quality control, the blogosphere is what it is. I will continue to visit & comment until such time as you tell me to take a hike.



oh shit i spelled 2 words wrong in my last comment: "Maldova" should be "Moldova" and "beind" should be "behind".

fuck me i promise to not be a spelling nazi in the foreseeable future.


the fake country in princess diaries is called genovia, man.


the joke is that my boyfriend is moldovan. i spelled country wrong.

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