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won't this petition be a little useless considering BC MLAs are the only elected officials that can face recall in Canada?


Here is a petition for Mr. Harper’s unelected friend, Michal Fortier, to resign his senior cabinet post until he runs and wins in a by-election for a seat in the House.

Sign the Petition for unelected Michael Fortier to resign his cabinet post

Please forward this link to as many Canadians as you can.


i really hate being a thorn in people's asses, but i must ask this of all of you: is what mr. harper did in anyway illegal? sure, it may run against convention but he is ALLOWED to appoint non-elected people to his cabinet. now, even though i am a conservative that can't stand the sight of mr. harper, i will support his decision to include fortier and emerson in his cabinet until someone can cite parts of the constitution that say otherwise.


Now, here's a petition I can sign! :p


If it was illegal, there would be calls for Emerson/Harper to be arrested.

But if politics was nothing more than not breaking the law, we could leave the police to run things.

The point of democracy is to give power to the people, said power being expressed through the application of political pressure. Hence the petition.

Consider the case of Harriet Miers as an example of how political pressure can reverse a decision which, while constitutional, was morally indefensible.

That's my 2 cents, anyway.


Where art though Preston Manning and your Reform populism? I wonder what he thinks about all of this. I'm sure his head has exploded or at least has suffered a few awww fiddlesticks.

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