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I can't believe that the millenium didn't give them the excuse (& budget) to upgrade. Sad.


Much of the Canadian feddle gub'mint's code is written in COBOL, ie the EI cheque writing program. PWGSC, where programming stuff is centralized, is known as "the town bike" among some circles of National Capital geeks; everyone's taken 'er for a spin. I know at least two old geeks who take great pride in inventing the Y2K bug at PWGSC back in the 70s.

Anyhoo, it is common practice in Canada's public service to keep the "bidness logic" on stable COBOL back end IBM mainframes and modernize the programs by redesigning the user interface.

anon, sasha already bitched at me for bitching about this, because he thinks cobol is awesome.

i still think its funny.


Hey, some of that old software and hardware is terribly robust and crudely efficent.

I mean, look at the computer systems flying the space shuttle, or built into modern jet fighters. Right now I've got thousands of times more computing power at my finger tips than it took to put men on the moon.

If its not broke don't fix it.

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