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apparently george stroumbolopoulos will be on his program tonight (tuesday) on msnbc... 11 pm et... maybe to defend canada?


WTF WE SENT HIM?! we couldnt send anyone better?


so how did the George v.s. Tucker exchange turn out?

The Truth Hurts

I have a link on my blog of the Cross Fire episode with Tuckerson that reportedly convinced CNN to kill the program. The link has been slow, but I assure you it is WELL worth the watch.


it has jon stewart in it, so obviously i a) posted it and b) know a million ways to access it.


Have you ever seriously considered moving to America ainge? Just curious, because Canada doesn't seem like the right fit for you...


oh, north america disgusts me on the whole, anon. im moving to new mexico for the summer, which should be interesting. maybe ill pull a georgia o'keefe and start painting vaginaflowers all damn day long.


New Zealand is experiencing a well documented government acknowledged "penis drain"; I think Canada and similar vaginarchies probably are too. Even Tom Green is moving to Nicaragua.


are you saying i have a penis? i am proud to be part of a vaginarchy, but i think im a sellout because im dating someone who is american and has never lived in a vaginarchy (ussr and israel seem like penis states).


"are you saying i have a penis? "

Your vaginality is well established. I'm just saying when the Globe does a story a year or two from now on The Penis Drain you read it here first.

"but i think im a sellout"

Sellout is harsh, I think. Canadian "men" are not at their best moment right now.

"ussr and israel seem like penis states"

I'd agree they are good penis states.


Merry Christmas, Ainge!


hahaha, i am not dating an american because im fed up with canadian men.... although it is arguable that any canadian in his phd situation would likely mosey on down to the states if they didnt get into waterloo or something. the same could be said for someone pursuing a humanities degree. the ivory tower has its politics, and i wouldnt pin all my blame on the government (although it would be better to invest in education than waste it on useless shit). the usa is a meritocracy and the fact they leech regular folk to subsidise students with potential serves as an example of that.

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