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i think our electoral system is based on a sureal reality..whereby..people like the young liberals of quebec are able to propagate their mangled..unsophisticated..and unrealistic beliefs. These are beliefs based on indoctrination. It is sad that our youth are ready to settle for mediocrity..because it could be worse. the exclusion of the green party only serves to propagate this reality by not opening Canadians up to the broader context of political ideals available in Canada. I will not be voting strategically.
Furthermore, the green party's exlusion only serves to hurt Canadians. The green party..(i also mind the scandal) are a party with real innovative ideas. Canada needs that..especially right now when political parties are basically basing their entire platforms on being the lesser evil..and being douchebags and calling it the best vision. I think Canadians are being hurt by not hearing what the greens have to say. Instead...if there are too many people at the debate..why dont we cut out the useless. I alreayd know what stevo and paulie are going to say. Lets get rid of them. (ok..i dont actually advocate this..really...)(dont make me go utilitarian on your asses!)


Damn, politically-outed twice in one week, lol.

Say what you will say about Reform, people in Ontario actually loved Preston Manning too. I remeber hearing more about that guy than the NDP in the 90's weird enough. Heck, even my ex-girlfriend's dad had an autographed book of his.

It wasn't a case for strategic voting per say, those just happened to be ridings where I know people, except for the prairies part. So it was more of a personal appeal. I think the NDP is better than the Greens in every riding. There is no nose-holding with the dippers, they rock, so its okay to vote for them everywhere.

The Greens are still fairly marginal at this point, they deserved to be in the BC debate since they got 12% in the last election. If the Greens do manage to do significantly better this time I would support their inclusion in the debate on a future occasion perhaps.

Like I said, they aren't a bad party, probably be my second choice if I was forced to pick one. But, we have to draw the line here, pretty soon the Natural Law Party will want to get into the debates if we let the Greens in at this low margin. ;)


Any party that runs candidates in every federal riding ashould be in the debates. I'm voting Green this year just so they can get the buck or so they get for every vote.

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