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"how come our parents generation got to have their fake ass poser revolution of hippiedom and dream of a better world and all this generation gets as we breeze through our 20s is the damn intarweb and anger-inducing bouts of cynicism?"

Because their drugs were better?


we know thats so not true


Say what you will, I contend that Day of Defeat is a far supierior online FPS. That's just my belief, and I stand by it, stalwart, until the end!



look, im not going to quit bf1942 because another game is better. i am the shittiest gamer ever. i spend the whole level riding around on bikes and trying to place explosives on tanks while being shot at and then run away and detonate them. i think my nerd boyfriend is completely embarassed by my serious suckage at games.


For Ainge, Fidel & other 'serious' west coasters:

Vancouver Launch with Jack Layton

Sunday, December 4
9:30 am

Join us for Dim Sum.

Floata Restaurant, 400-180 Keefer Street (in Vancouver's Chinatown).

Mentioned yesterday, but don't know if the transmission was sent.

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