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I have a feeling the campaigns will be sick of pizza by e-day. Cunnigham is right around the corner and order it all the time. There always seems to be the left leaner around at Bill Siksay's office. So if you want free pizza, you know where to go. :)

The pizza poll is crucial to victory! lol


hey man, the burger shack poll in new west is oddly accurate.

cunningham must not have a lot of jewish or muslim volunteers if hes constantly plying his hordes with pork. ew. ham. i need to stop thinking about it, i really do find ham revolting.


Do the candidates get to pick? I'd probably go for the Leaner Left (although I'd get some Italian sausage thrown on it - no fat, no flavour, I always say)


I would use ham to describe billy as well


antonio, why are you calling him billy? his friends call him that. are you friends now?

candace, i think the people at romano renamed the pizzas on their own. im not much of a meat-eater, but a nice sausage is great on pizza, though.

i hope if i run for office one day that a sushi place runs a poll and names a futomaki after me. id like to suggest a cucumber and avocado roll topped with sockeye salmon sashimi and flying fish roe.


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