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Hahaha, I actually watched the debate too! The no war for oil part and the republican shootin' straight from the hip was awesome.

Sunday night was funny too watch. It was full of liberal jabs against Republicans (on fox ironically...).

2nd term Republicans are just full of lulz.


I only watched about 15 minutes of it but I thought Alda, sorry, "Vinick" won too. But I'd vote for Santos anyway.

I really liked the part where Forrest Sawyer yelled at Vinick. COMPLETELY plausible.


Yeah, Alda would be interesting. I like how Canada got a dramatic mention too.

Damn, now i'm going to have to start watching the show now!


My question is are they going to go Mondale on Alda and use his "I'm going to create no jobs" line (or whatever it was) over and over in a spot to sink the campaign.

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