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Burnaby lake should be cleaned up. Running there can be painful at times.

I HATE THE IDEA OF DIVERSIFYING THE SCHOOL PROGRAM. They did that in the pocomos..and it harsh sucks. It is a huge inconvenience. Neighbourhood schools should offer a wide variety of choices.
I think this diversification thing takes away from the community thing. My highschool was so far away from my community...that it was in another city. THis is no lie. Because of this..i never really got to fraternize in my own community. I think that communal fraternizing is an important part of development. Geez. the dubes i could of smoked in the forest..without forrest..what a waste.


ps. my mom and I have decided to vote for a slate of wops. minus calendino.


duuuude. I so agree about the comprehensive schools thing. Mostly because I think it's silly to separate kids based on their (or, as is usually the case) their parents' interests/ambitions. Schools function as an important social mixer (homogenizer?). What I'm trying to say is that going to school is, to a large degree, about integrating socially. And schools that contain only one type of kid (ie. the jocks, the band geeks, etc.) are less likely to prepare those kids for reality, where all kinds of people share the same offices, roads, supermarkets, and public spaces. You don't necessarily have to be friends with the kids that are way different from you, but you do need to learn how to tolerate them. And comprehensive schools are good for that. They also insure that funding is more equally meted out, and that some schools don't get saddled with all the kids who are more work: the kids with special learning needs, kids with behavioural issues, kids with severe physical handicaps. You see what I mean? And also: diverse environments are way more fun for kids. There's a reason all my friends aren't little blond oldest-children from maple ridge...because they're annoying! Diverse social environments build stronger social networks. And white kids get exposed to real culture that way. Beleive me, we need it.


The only way specialized school work effectively is with city-wide school bussing available. We have that in Edmonton and it works very very well. You don't end up with a bunch of "nerds" at the "nerd school" because the schools are ALSO neighborhood schools. Attendance is generally higher because the students are engaged, as are the parents.

So my daughter goes to a school with kids from extremely wealthy parents as well as Vietnamese immigrants.

If you disagree, check out the differences in math & English scores between AB and BC...

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I saw car for the Response team at the end of the layby, closed the doors and drove off leaving the others and when I spoke to them they said they were on their break. Well, I know that they are entitled to breaks, so they should not sit there and do nothing, they should have disappeared somewhere where they are not seen as now what do I think of the service they supply?

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