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dude. I know that NE is great, but we miss you. We will celebrate your return in advance tomorrow, with green stuff, avant-garde art, and european films here in vancouver. We'll celebrate again when you get home...be ready.


dude, i love you. ive been trading in my steady diet of leafy greens for herbes de provence from williams and sonoma... and lets just say im not ready to sell out and get old just yet.


Yeah, I was sorry to hear about Miss Reimer as well. Seriously, I would have voted for her. COPE didn't run a full slate.

But take it in stride, two Greens won city council seats on the island. A high water mark for the Greens?

I was sad BCAer Sav Dhaliwal lost by one vote! Damn, whatever two people I know who didn't vote.


Do yourself a favor & go to the nearest store & buy ALL the Stacy's Pita Chips (pick a flavor, any flavor) you can find. They are currently only shipping the "Naked" version to Costco in Canada.

A true addiction. Those things are dynamite. I've tried to make them at home (close, but no cigar). Serious food. And relatively healthy as junk food goes.


yeah, I voted for Reimer, and was suprised by how badly she lost. There's always 2008. The Green Party will be represented one day.

As for James Green, Jim Green's party was under his own. I credit people not double checking their answers rather than conspiracy theories for "costing" Jim Green the election - if people did indeed vote for the wrong guy. Also, Vision Vancouver had plenty of time to preemptive strike that shit by holding a press conference and informing people to make sure they vote for the "right guy." But they were too chickenshit to do that b/c they thought it would give publicity to James Green.

As for the voter turnout, I don't blame the westside/NPA...if people want to vote, all they have to do is head to the polls and give the poltical machine the finger. People didn't show up to vote because, apart from Austin Spencer, there wasn't a candidate that fired up the electorate to give a shit.


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