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Ainge for Burnaby Greens in 2008! Hey, why not? Dippers would give you less evil eye action than at the other levels since Burnaby municipal politics is something they always win at. Not sure if they wouldn't throw the vote-splitting tag at you or not, but with so many positions up for grabs, they have less to be mad about.

As for the BCA being communist, a dubious claim probably. Unlike COPE where there are real commies like Tim Louis, in order to be in the BCA you have to be a member of the NDP. Which really isn't that communist.

As for your house, well, I could give it the deluxe NDP treatment if you keep an open mind about Bill Siksay. Maybe i'll even try to get him to text message your cellphone for support or something, haha.


to svend's credit, we had deluxe ndp treatment during his tenure. and he definitely knew my parents were not ndp, or deluxe ndp for that matter. still, we could use the bza touch.

hey, the bca may not be communist, but at least theyre trying.


1. I'm glad I don't live in Burnaby. Good luck with your campaign.

2. It's cool you allow comments on your site. Neither L4L nor Anonalogue does.


sooo... recapp of the municipal election? we want to hear what you thunk 'bout it.

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