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Hahaha. I just never got into that show, or Law & Order and CSI for that matter. Can't get into shows that are obsessive about authority. I need to watch shows about trailer parks, mafias, blue collar jobs, stuff like that.

Won't worship the man, ever. Unless if they made a Canadian equivlent.


we should make a canadian version, except it wouldnt be picked up by any station due to our hardline insistence that the pm must take orders from the man (played by zordon)


p.s. waste time


don't diss josh


josh = pretty much the only nice jewish boy i find utterly repulsive. id do ari fleischer before him in a second, and hes a balding yankees fan. josh reminds me of a certain wasp with a little pancia who won the heart of e.c.d. ... if you know who i mean


i mean e.c.g.



A giant floating virtual head is the embodiment of the man. I'm suprised he really wasn't on the bad guys side. But I guess he had a God like aura in a way as well....

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