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A "Greater Scandal" according to Andrew would be "CAT CAUGHT IN TREE!!!" or "BLONDE WHITE GIRL MISSING!!!" or "EARTHQUAKE IN BUMFUCKISTAN!!!" There has to be a tearjerker quotient to be a "Greater Scandal", you see.


haha i was being unfair, i cropped the 1-2 other people who obsess over lesser scandals out, simply because agwndude had the three most recent posts. but yeah. dudes obsessed.


Lesser Scandal eh? Isn't that an oxymoron...or does that just further cement that you are out to get someone?

In terms of terms that annoy me...my morning commute into school...when I get to the celebrity column they merge celebrity couples names..."Bragdelina" "Bennifer 2"..."Tomkat"....frig - if only the free newspaper that sits next the bus stop had halfway decent news reporting...


free dailies are gross. we have three of them going on here, with people on every corner hawking them, which could be illegal according to the safe streets act. i mean, since its a free daily, fuelled by ad revenue, i imagine circulation is valuable. you are not allowed to do "aggressive panhandling" for anything of value. id say pushing your shitrag on 3 out of 4 streetcorners at any given intersection is pretty dang aggressive.

but i think the safe streets act was designed to stick it to the panhandlers.

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