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And what are they going to do with somebody they don't like who, say, lives in Nanaimo and is coming to Vancouver for oh, I dunno, a dialysis treatment - put them on a no float* list while there kidney's fail.

This is stupider than stupid. And you can bet that if 600,000 people wrote letters to the ferry commission they would still ignore it.

*Perhaps it's time to get Mr. Floatie on the case.

Rick Barnes

The CEO is American, maybe he worked for Wal-Mart. He has no problem shifting Canadian jobs to China or Europe.


The argument that this is warranted because of ahmed ressam is a bit weak, given that he was arrested 5 years ago...

ferry food...ICK. And now I'm craving clam chowder from the fish & chip place at Horseshoe Bay. Damn

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