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ang, you're so brill (short for brilliant, not brill cream). anyways, the only beef I have is the van aquarium thing. Why have a wildlife rescue facility in the middle of vancouver? Most wildlife gets in trouble in remote areas, or outside the city. Transporting fragile animals into the city would mean massive transportation costs, possible injuries, and wildlife biologists moving to the city (and they're just not city folk). Their goals in education are great, and the westcoast marine exhibits are fab, but using stanley park as a wildlife refuge would be costly and ill-thought out (what about the inevitable escapees and wackjobs who want to poison the animals?). Not to mention vancouver aquarium's budget is tiny - most of their staff are underpaid or volunteers, and their budget hasn't increased substantially in ages - and the city populace (except for a very small minority) seems to be happy with that. They can only get so much corporate sponsorship. I dunno, that point seems a little farfetched to me. I wish I could vote in this one...maybe next time I'll actually be a vancouver resident...


GO COPE GO! I'm wearing my Che shirt as I type this, how appropriate. Tim Louis must be creepily smiling right...now.

Philly C

The Green Platform seems fairly reasonable to me. Moderate, yet definately progressive.


hmm, good point on the aquarium thing... although escapees would make downtown even more exciting. tigers vs drunk surrey guys in front of stone temple at 4 am!! wooo!!

maybe just an education centre of sorts? i dunno. but i think the aquarium should be converted to something more unique to make it more of a tourism player since vancouverites are too stoned to go out, etc.


" i think the aquarium should be converted to something more unique to make it more of a tourism player since vancouverites are too stoned to go out"

That's definetily been my experience with vancouverites.


the aquarium..doesnt really need to be improved for stoners.trust me.
where did you guys get the information that the aquarium is doing poorly anyways...its like the most popular tourist attraction in the lower mainland...or at least that is what ive been told?however, most of what ive been told is propaganda related bullshit.

thanx to your green party link ainge..i will be up until the morning learning about the boer war....
the only positive anecdote so far, "This only goes to prove that not even God trusts the British in the dark".
I take this as further proof that Italy is going to win the world cup this year. Antonio, how do you feel about that?


if you..miss lotusland..would like to experience the *possible* splendor of the aquarium. Let me know. Ill provide the setting...as per usual.


"reasonable but progressive", you bet....

and here's somebody whose proven its possible even after they got elected.



yeah whatever i bet youre not even the real "sasha" ...

fidel, its always you bringing the fun setting and me bringing the fun. actually, tonight it was the other way around. or maybe our roles contain an antagonism. ramble, ramble ramble. p.s., HEGEL.


p.s. you suck
kierkergaard for lyfe.


We qualified today...YAY

Craig Oliver WHAT?




uh, vancouver international film festival or boorish, predictable, parliamentary qp antics?

the former.

fuck politics, it can wait.

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