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I love Pendulum quesadillas *drool*



Somehow Koerner's had slipped from memory bank; must go back soon.



yeah, that sushi place shares three letters in common with my first name...coincidence? I think not. excellence comes in many forms, my friends, but I leave it up to you to deduce the unifying characteristics.


"douchebags in baseball caps" - omigod, they've migrated to the west coast? I thought they always got turned away at Banff...


are you kidding? the burbs and kitsilano are full of white dbags in hats, and have been for quite some time. the ironic thing about kits is that they have tie-dye banners celebrating their hippie past, despite the fact the city did everything in its power to kick the hippies out. moreover, the hippies (most of whom were from privileged backgrounds and were only 'playing' revolutionary) went and had a bunch of materialistic 80s children who would grow up to be baseball capped morons. the place is teeming with them. ew.

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