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Hahahahaha! Yeah, I went to a Catholic school in Ontario, a dress code doesn't really help. Those kilts can get ridicusly short. Then all you have is a bunch of ginos cruising around the school at the end of the day.

Come on Young Liberals, isn't there something more radical to propose? I know every year the BC youth dips at least try to eliminate capitalism or denounce everything.

Antonio Di Domizio

More proof Jean Charest and his douchebags are er...douchebags

This is the provincial party doing this, we federal liberals are laughing our asses off quoting trudeau...The government has no affairs in the pants of the nation...ok so i changed it a bit...im going to the provincial convention this weekend and we are all sticking g strings on our nametags

alas, we are all shit disturbers

stupid PLQ



okay, i don't understand how we can talk about promiscuous 12 year olds. even if they are french (why is it that every time i go to montreal everybody is making out?). these people are out of touch with actual youth. they are obviously doing this for the pr it'll generate.

anyways, i'd like to add that just because sleeping around may make some people uncomfortable, it's a slippery slope to start making judgements on their std status and/or self esteem. and clothing has nothing to do with being promiscuous. there are a lot more ways to put yourself on the market than by wearing a thong - and i agree with ang, those 12 year olds aren't putting it out there in a sexual context; it's the sexually repressed general public that's transposing our fixation onto these dense little grade schoolers.


Aija...when do you come to montreal...youre the best non-wop gossip i know

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