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You know Ainge, i'm also sure most of Canada doesn't even care about softwood lumber sometimes. Right now the foresty industry is in a crisis everywhere, mills are shutting down in Newfieland as well as Kenora, Ont. Nobody is doing nothing.

If it doesn't affect Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, or the oil $$$ sands. Frankly, nobody seems to give a damn.


Political intervention sounds like a good idea, but I keep asking myself how I would have felt if the Bush Administration had sent money to Charles McVety during the SSM debate.


I'm with Greg in that I'm not sure I like the idea of trying to get involved in U.S. lobbying.

I think if were to target a few key U.S. sectors with retaliatory sanctions (preferably agricultural because they are the biggest and most powerful whiners) then we could get those industries to do our lobbying for us.

I imagine if the California wine industry or the Floria orange industry start feeling a little pain, they'll make a few phone calls.

Still, the whole lumber dispute is a bit mystifying to me. Given the situations in the Middle East, Central Asia and Venezuela, why would the U.S. go out of its way to antogonize the only significant oil supplier it is still on good terms with - all over some piddly (to the U.S.) lumber duties.


going after california wine and florida oranges kind of hurts canadian consumers a bit.

the us already does lobbying in canada. branch plants and multinationals are at it every single day. i dont know that this would be much different.

the us antagonizes us cos they know they can. all the drug policing theyve been doing in canada under the auspices of the patriot act (go look for dealers and potheads in your own effing country, damn you) has been pretty much endorsed by irwin cotler through his refusal to grow said gender-neutral cojones and stand up for canadian law and a canadian citizen (regardless of his creepy political views).

we sit there and take it like a bunch of pansies.

slapping tariffs might get us into wto/nafta trouble (which is kind of like getting in trouble from my senile religion teacher in high school - lots of noise, but no real enforceability since these things have short memories).

also, greg, americans send money and support to anti-ssm/abortion activists fairly often.

i just dont see why canada isnt going on the offensive, here.


ainge, it's true "Americans" do send money, but that's different from their government sending money.

Don't get me wrong, I want to make the Americans howl. Tax oil and gas, slap a dumping fee on all water sent north into Manitoba, pour California wine into Victoria harbour!


touche, greg, but i think american political influence of any type is equally toxic, though the civil society/corporate interference doesnt have the same pull on the martin/manley types than orders from washington.

regarding the wine suggestion, its not like brazils little dump the canadian whisky stunt did much besides amuse us :)


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