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Shoney's has decent breakfast food down here (I think they have them in Texas). Nothin special, but not bad at least.

Billy Kash

I have to say that as a canadian citizen this means a lot. BC gas use to be owned by the BC government or us, the citizens. The government works for us so we own what they own. If the company prospers, it helps our economy and each individual tax payer. That income goes to our government which helps keep the taxes stable and the price of gas low. Now that it is a privatized company it will have no positive effect for british columbians, ok maybe a few jobs which we would have already had anyway.
He who has control of the power, has power over the people. Do you want the americans to have a say in how much energy we can use in our house and how much it will cost us? I don't.
The amount of money teresan gas was sold for will seem like peanuts compared to the amount of money that company could have continuously made in the next 50 years for the BC government. And this not only goes for teresan gas, but also bc hydro, bc ferries, bc railway. Who do you want to run this province... the BC government that you can democratically vote for or the rich ass americans that buy it from them! That is what it comes down to.

Billy Kash,
Let the revolution Begin.

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