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So wait? You get to make up ANYTHING and that's the topic of choice?

Groan, count me out, maybe that's a seminar for smart people.

As for me, I've decided to try my hand at some Chinese history. I figure might as well know a little bit about the history of the next super power, as the USA is quickly giving away their super power status.

I've been told that as long as I learn to pronounce a few names correctly, Ill be good to go and won't have to worry about the homicidal tendencies of my scholastic colleagues.


theres more to chinese history than that... and asian history profs can be whackjobs just like any other. i mean, hello, theyre academics. ew.

and my seminar is not for smart people, it's for film fans.


and its anything within reason - ubc does have to approve it. they do this by ascertaining whether its a real subject and whether ubc already offers a course in the area.


It all sounds a bit too highbrow (i.e. hard) for me (of your list, I've only seen The Celebration - it certainly was cheery).

I was thinking more along the lines of Delicatessen. Animal rights, dystopic visions, something like that...


you should totally see cesky sen - it is the best reality tv thingy ever. if you want, ill give you a copy when i get back to vancouver, cos im like an evangelist for this movie.

and the other movies are good too, i dont think theyre really that inaccessible. watching them as a seminar is more rewarding and helpful, id think, since we have eachother to bounce ideas whenever a WTF scene pops up.


what about lars von trier?

w. s. cross

You could try comparing "The Conformist," which is real cinema with "The Dreamers," which is him trying to scam his own "Last Tango in Paris."

Frankly, the movies that he references in Dreamers are far better than the film. It's why quoting from your betters is dangerous, even for a director of his talents.

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