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People have the power to change, man. Give her a chance and embrace her like a beer commercial. I sypmatheize since I changed my political leaves numorous times already. Just don't tell Bill Siksay I voted conservative once.

Yeah, must be slow news time since I can't think of anything being anymore unimportant to peoples everyday lives. Those damn tree beatles for example.


yeah, cause i embrace beer commercials

Antonio Di Domizio

The only thing that is truly demonstraed is that the separatists in Quebec have people who will go the mat defending their cause....WHERE IS THE FEDERALIST CAVALRY? Can we fight sovreignty with reason, poise, and grace? Not when they are throwing shit from the top of mount royal


Oh, i'm sorry. In your case I suppose it would be a dube, hehe.


sasha posted that reply, bza. he is kind of a bitch like that.

i like beer too!


i want a gun cabinet.

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