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I'm sure once this 3rd installment of "National Unity Crisis!" is resolved, we'll have an aboriginal GG from BC. Its got to happen, haven't had a BCer or an aboriginal, its about damn time.

And boring Harvard instiutionalists dictate that it will be difficult to develop momentumn to make this change. I guess, I would support it, but really, its not the most pressing issue, and unless if Jean ends up being a disaster i'm betting we'll have GG's for a long time coming.

Its more likely pot would be legalized i'd say then reforming the senate or Head of state.


living in bc has made you awesome, my child. although i dont share your complacency regarding the monarchy. look at the momentum generated by ssm - it's one of the quickest public opinion changes of heart we've ever studied in poli sci land. abolishing the monarchy could galvanize groups who dont look fondly on the british crown. to hell with the effing institutionalists!

legalized, eh? not even decriminalized? well, i guess if i smoke enough of those sweet green trees, issues of national identity will disappear behind a wall of smoke...


Haha, I do my best to fit in! :) With regards to SSM, denying SSM for one was unconstiutional and also had devoted activists and politicans fighting for it, which made it quite easy to succed.

The monarchy is constitutional and most people actually do like it. There aren't many activists or politicans seeking its dismantling except John Manley. So thats why I don't see it ending in Canada anytime. Since marajuana legalization has a greater base of activism thats why I actually see it succeeding much sooner.

Due to my socialist hertiage i'd definitely consider getting rid of it some thought. Reforming the senate might have a much more realistic shot since many (i.e. Alberta) do favour that.


i think the constitution wasnt the whole story... i mean, sure, the charter was invoked since its everyones favourite summarization of canadian values, and the courts were in a position to act based on that. ultimately, i think it was a cultural shift which allowed ssm-supporting canadians to see their views reflected in the charter.


p.s. stop bringing beaker manley into this, hes bad for the movement.


But bringing Manley into is fun. I'm bet he's just happy somebody still remebers him.

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