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awesome. freakin' awesome.


PS> WORDPERFECT sucks in a major way.


Ummm... you sound on the edge... Perhaps some relaxation exercises are in order :)

lotusland boyfriend

If you install any more shit on my precious little baby computer you just might find yourself boyfriendless.


your threats are so ignorable.


You should find a way to submit your assignments so that the only way to open them is to have Bonzai Buddy read them out loud.


bo, that is freakin priceless. you totally made my day!!


I hope you had the honesty to make sure your UBC profs actually received copies of this rant of yours. In any case, I think that a polite e-mail explaining the problem would serve you better, and would leave a better (though perhaps false) impression of your character.


mijnheer, leave this blog at once and only return once youve figured out the meaning of

i told this prof about this problem during the year - im not going to sit here and nag.

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