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The house in the Charlottes sounds nice - especially if it comes with a built in job...

I've always wanted back staircases and trap doors and bookshelves that hide doorways (and so on) for my nerdy house - but that table sounds cool.

Maybe I'll get a cell phone someday. Of course I say that about a lot of stuff.

Profs who make you buy their crappy book are really annoying. I think if I was Minister of Education I'd bring in some draconian textbook laws. Like no text book can cost more than $100 or $0.50/page. And that special permission is required to issue a new edition with different page numbers more often than once every 5 years.

Laissez faire was never my strong suit.


clearly my built-in job would be giving tours of my home to geriatric alaska cruisers. or maybe i can sell art to them (other peoples', naturally).

ugh the 'new edition' thing burns my buns... a law like that would be nice.

ive only read one book by a prof that was good. it was an anthology by robert crawford at ubc called 'international relations: still an american social science?'

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