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Come on, Matt Good is a Vancouver institution. Where's your hometown pride Ainge?

You should post his link on your website!


dude, hes from coquitlam. hes a vancouver institution in that he embodies the few things i hate about this city.


ma ha. matt good is good because he's a symbol of all the slacker whiny-ass badness of the gen xers. they're so done. choose not to identify with a potzer like him. in line with the post-gen-x thing, choose to identify a) with no one, because it's, like, so post modern; or b) someone who's so obviously a throwback to everything gen xers aren't into (a captain of industry; someone who has a cause, etc. etc.) That'll piss them off. speaking of which, gen x by doug coupland is so much more a fable about the echo boom than gen x. i think that's part of the irony of the title.


Wasn't he born in Burnaby though? I'm sure eventually there will be some Matthew Good Public Elementary School 30 years in the future or something, along with the David Usher statue at SFU since he did do his undergrad in Poli-sci there.

And the echo boom will sell out eventually and disapoint the echo generation x's for not being post-post-modern enough. Disapointment with the generations that perceded us is a never-ending project in humanity.

Tommy Steele

Ainge, well said. I really have a problem with matt good, and I was not happy to see his blog added to BlogsCanada. Have you seen it? pseudo-intelligent pictures of himself beside meaningless little sayings posted between whiny, “I’m aware and you’re not” write-ups and breakdowns of what type of "feel" he was going for on whatever album. Ugh, it has the feel of an ad with the dual purpose of self-indulgence and portraying cheap intellectualism.


dude, hes post-everything because he reads stuff and regurgitates it so kids dont have to read it in the first place. for stoners, its like the intellectual equivalent of a lava lamp.

and this whole positivist paranoia regarding future strains of postmodernism is kind of tiresome. if you think about the actual argument behind the rote disdain for the prefix 'post', its basically an opposition to the fact that theory may progress. its basically hurtbags.


haha aija, youre totally giddensing up the comments with that whole thinking about the reflexive project of the self. rock on.

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