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Whats the dipper crew? I need consolidation in my blogging info and narrow my world view. haha.

Your dead on, but what to do about it? Usually, I always like to navigate and see what my advesaries are saying. Thats why Fox News is on my favourites list.

I don't know if your romantic blogger exists. Deep down, I think everyone is a partisan hack of some ideological persuasion.


i cant remember the blogging dippers url, but sinister thoughts is totally my favourite ndp blogger (sorry steve, but dude's the man) and the link is on his site.


Ouch...you got me right there in the heart Ainge! *cry* *cry* *cry*

Just wait till you see my entries from when i'm out in Alberta...just you wait! My sarcasm will reach your heights....no wait, no it won't.

But correction blogging dippers link is onthe Blogging Dippers Blogroll too. Hence it's on my site.


haha steve, it isnt all about the sarcasm and other cliche caustic bullshit you can get at lotusland. im actually excited to see what you post on while youre in edmonton, which you are already treating like its a foreign country. hehe. i think you should road trip around alberta while youre there!


Interesting post, I think it probably is inevitable for blogging alliances to form, but mainly just for the traffic/link boost. I guess once one alliance forms, it's almost a certainty that more will follow. Not sure if this is the same mechanism that is at work in parties, or I should say, I'm not sure at how specific a level it's the same mechanism.

I figure the non-partisan alliance is a way to offset the division of the blogosphere into partisan camps by providing the benefits of strength in numbers without requiring partisanship. Sort of like a co-op (note the similarity of the name to IGA - the Independent Grocers' Alliance).


i believe the mechanism in michels theory and the drive to form alliances share a lot of similarities because we are dealing with political and ideological communication and organization. since the romantic appeal of the blogosphere is that one can read a lot of opinions on a lot of stuff the msm would not report, it might seem counterintuitive to conceive of the blogosphere as consolidating.

and yet it has to - how are we going to find other blogs without networks? getting a link on the high-traffic blogs is such a boon, as is being on a high-profile aggregator. i think the trend towards aggregation and blogging alliances is creating an oligarchic climate as its plain to see all urls are not created equal.


My blog went crazy for a few days, which would explain the difficulty with finding the post in question. It's here:


Do we need an alliance of unalligned, in direct competition with the non-partisans? Hmmm.....


Let's try that link again.


don - i caved and joined the non-partisans. the design was nice, the blogs were good. heh.

also, you can leave the email field blank on lotusland comments (as far as i know), because i hate spam as much as the rest of youse.


This is an awesome post. Thanks for writing it.

We've probably run into eachother at the dept at UBC before. Isn't the anonymity of the blogopshere delightful?


which one is the alberta blog? that sounds like good blogging!


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