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I have been known to be seen in the same local as you...but its been awhile.:)


you dont count, steve. i already partied with you. i spilled drinks on your deliberately and hung a poster of ernie eves in your room (which sarah k. made out with) ... i mean, really, ive done nothing but abuse you. so when you do come to vancouver, ill take you out for korean bbq as reparations!


KOREAN BBQ!!!!!!!!!!


yes, as antonio can attest, i have been known to take meat-eating people for korean bbq


I don't count...I'm not your fav blogging dipper...this better be some DAMN good korean bbq...(now to figure out my way to the leftcoast this summer)


For steve and I guess ainge, I made a post about Jamey Heath cuz he is a douchebag.

and steve it is damn good Korean BBQ, they make cars for shit but BBQ, it works!


Hey Ainge? Where dod you go?

Tommy Steele

Honestly, I think we of the blogging world are, at our core, nerds. A large group of bent-backed pallid human-like shapes would scare too many people. We should spread out.


nerds are hot. they should always congregate and make themselves available. to me. this is why MIT is the sexiest place on earth.

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