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Hey thanks for doing the interview (although I see you didn't link it back to me - tisk tisk!). I invite you to drop it into my blog as a comment on my original post (or even trackbacking would be good). I like what you said in question 4 and would say that some bloggers, particularly academic bloggers, have better researched and constructed posts than some journalists (of course before there were battles between bloggers there were battles between academics and journalists ... folks have forgotten this already).


awww mel, i did link it, its just that im an idiot and assumed everyone would be able to tell that all my small-caps words are links.... heh.


Hmmmm.... you're using all caps in a size that is the same as your lowercase text. If you bolded it that would stand out more.

Actually the problem is that you've used a medium grey for your links (which is nearly impossible to see BTW) and a very light shade for visited links. In terms of basic usability grey links with black text doesn't work. It's not clear. You're not an idiot; you just haven't given a lot of consideration to your linked text.

For aesthetic reasons I once used a really nice medium grey green for my links. Trouble is it was wayyyy too hard to see. This becomes problematic when you're trying to establish what text is yours and what text you're citing. One of the reasons we use web usability is to make things easier for readers. Not doing so sends a message that you 'don't really care'. I'm sure that's not the message you intend but it's kinda the unintended result ;-)

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