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Warren K

Smith's death hit me hard...XO is such a wonderful album...

But, while he had a substance problem, I didn't put him on the list just yet...there seems to be a lot of speculation, still, that he didn't kill himself...

See the RS piece on it, a few weeks back...disturbing

Hope you are well


Glamourizing the addictions and early death of rockstars is something that really bothers me about music journalism as well.

I prefer my artists to overcome problems and embrace longetivity rather than self-destruction. Thats what I like about Neil Young and Johnny Cash for example.

It would have been great if Kurt Cobain and Elliot Smith could have overcame their mental health and drug addictions and choose a different path.


wk: that is interesting re: smiths death. i am well. i hope you have fun at the convention without ainge of lotusland and the other fun/evil vancouverites who just cant make the trek.

bza: i second that. i just think there are a lot of issues with the system that influence the crappiness of journalistic output that dont really have much to do with the journos themselves.

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