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Who is cooler? Is this not a bunch of geeks judgeing other geeks at how cool they may be? Lets face it, one - is a political hack and the other a Hill journalist. Both are seemingly glorified jobs for those who live in an Ottawa centric world. But once you step back, you realise...you've got a hack and a writer. In herently neither are cool. And the people judgeing them, are in fact, the people who are waiting to move up into that world of politically hackery and sniping from the sidelines.

Result. Tie.


im sorry steve, i cant always be deep. i was thinking of doing a few posts on post-positivist epistemologies in social theory and international relations, but i decided to use my blog for evil instead of good.

indulge me.

also i resent any and all comments that i want to participate in political hackery. casually sniping from the sidelines is more than enough for me. i cant stand the heat so im not even sticking my head into the kitchen. moreover, i am cooler than both of them because i have klaus nomi bootlegs.


Oh common, you know you'll love the political hackery. You may be indenial at the moment though. ;)

Clearly you are cooler then both of them, why else would I keep up with a Lotuslander =)

It seems as though you lost me ont hat one...I don't know what a Klaus Nomi is...


he sings opera over synth pop and dresses like a clown. i have a soft spot for overly theatrical german crap.

Warren Kinsella

He's also quite dead.

I'll think of all of you, and this interesting debate, when I'm at Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards at the Opera House in Toronto on Friday night. Ha.

I feel like whipping up a bit of regional nationalism, so I therefore declare: Toronto still gets more and better shows than Van.


yeah he is dead - fitting to bring it up around world aids day.

since im generally the last person to admit toronto has anything going for it, ill concede on behalf of vancouver: toronto does get more and better shows than vancouver. go ahead and rub it in, why dont you.

steve, for the record, you cant tell anyone i ever said anything remotely nice/vaguely conciliatory about anywhere in ontario, or else ill bust a j-raj and set you up for mad drunk dialing, nawimsayin?

Elise Luna

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