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Such hostility to Clarkson! I think she's much better than Romeo Leblanc, who neutered the GG heraldry and closed the GG grounds to the public. And was there anything distinctive about Hnatyshyn or Sauvé?


yeah. i have adrienne clarkson rage. i love john ralston saul. why didnt we pick him instead?

1. im an anti-monarchist, so im all for neutering heraldry. also, its not like rideau hall is the funnest place in ottawa.

2. sauvé was dope cos of all the shit she faced as a woman on the hill. she earned that mansion, etc. clarkson may claim the same pioneer credentials, but nowhere is as disgustingly mysoginistic as the hill - as if the cbc comes close.


take a hint: the GG's tenure is extended for a year; watch for the government to go down around then. Martin wil make it so.

thanks for clearing that up - it wasnt obvious to me that the liberals are the only party that gains in a quick election call given that the ndp holds the balance of power, the bloc sailed to victory on a shitstorm that isnt as much of a headline-grabber these days, and the tories simply arent ready to present a coherent image to the canadian public. :)

Cathy Hamilton

i too am anti-royalist and believe that canada has no need of these trappings and certainly not one who sees the public purse as being at her personal disposal. Questions: (1) does she pay income tax on her $19M annual income? If not, why not since the Queen pays income tax and Clarkson sees herself as a clone of the queen. (2) Is she accountable for her spending? (3) Has an audit ever been done? (4) Does she get to keep what she doesn't spend?

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