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"...they love his commentary, not his body..."

speak for yourself dude!


i'd say something about your weakness for large, luscious br.. eh, nevermind. i'm not going to.


"people can accept all the accusations of bias levelled at moore because they realize his documentaries are his editorials".

yes, but the accusation against moore isnt one of bias but of deception. for example: moore leaves the viewer with the impression all the networks called florida for gore after fox news did; moore makes the claim that had there been a state-wide recount, gore would have won under any standard; moore leaves the viewer with the impression that the bin laden's left the united states while the planes were still grounded.

i dont know to what extent moore implied/said the above falsehoods, not having seen the movie. but simply because you are in the business of crafting opinions does not mean that you cannot be accused of deceiving your viewers.


i find it hard to believe a people who accept fox news can get that worked up over moore's poetic license - it just looks silly.


oh come on...lets not play, "if youre not outraged to my satisfaction about X then you can't be outraged about Y." Conservatives use the same logic when they say, if you werent completely outraged by Saddam/Nick Berg execution/etc then you can't be upset about Abu Ghraib and the like...

what about those of us who are outraged by both?


wont somebody please think of the moderates!

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