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girl. nerd. ubc, vancouver. political science. you know, that old chestnut. im more of a bitchy geek than a hippie.


i was born in the west during the 80s and raised with the ocean in full view. all right, fine, it was just burrard inlet. whatever.

despite this lotusland upbringing, i still turned out easily stressed-out, a leafs fan, and a staunch opponent of the 'western alienation' idea. in light of this, i decided to try my hand at living in central canada. i thought id fit in or something.


central canada is COLD during the winter - i had to dress like a frump. also, people back east were unduly fixated on my socioeconomic status and my parents jobs. sushi was expensive. sens fans and nucks fans are equally annoying. my menial job on parliament hill instilled a hatred for socially regressive blue liberal (ontario) backbenchers. moreover, i felt severely dismayed by the way the west was represented in parliament by canadian alliance members. nobody took us seriously. sad.

so i moved back to lotusland, reassuming my position as resident politics nerd and stress-case. i'm trying to do a decent job with my undergrad studies so i can go to grad school and indulge myself and be a bum student my whole life because i hate work i enjoy the company of hippies seeing as i'm a big nerd and want to be a prof someday.

somewhere along the way i became transfixed by a very fine specimen of man so attractive i couldnt believe it was of the math nerd variety. sadly, his pimpin new laptop made my existence superfluous to his pursuit of happiness. theyre very happy together now in boston and the rumours about the three of us are all true. i hope that my dad never reads this.

i need at least 5 vancouver winters before i can handle moving back east.

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* reading books * drinking and hanging out with slavs * hating emo * making hipsters cry * being a douche * setting things on fire